Internships and Fellowships

The Clifton Foundation and its partners host internships and fellowships for teams of students or education leaders working towards a common mission that aligns with Clifton Foundation principles.

Strengths Design

Deepen the experience and outcomes of your program or curriculum by working with the Clifton Foundation to co-design a strengths approach.

Entrepreneur Pipeline

The Clifton Foundation architects the systematic identification and development of young entrepreneurial talent for a geographic area or institution. Contact for more information on collaboration in your school or city.

Research Consortium

The Clifton Foundation is actively studying strengths education.  Contact us to learn how your school can be a part of this research.

  • Track and analyze the strengths interventions in your district or university and compare with other schools and applications.
  • Bring strengths research experts in to design a project to support your goals and assess outcomes.
  • Participate in a consortium with quarterly meetings.

If you have an organization serving youth entrepreneurs, we invite your participation in our consortium to follow and analyze what is working.


Contact to learn how your school can be a part of this research.