Our K12 research is an audit of success practices in strengths development. The Howard County Public School System in Maryland has created Grow Strong schools and multiple projects which provide individualized developmental experiences for students and staff.  Fifteen fellows have been selected to develop a research and practice plan for their school district.  Clifton Foundation will provide an annual report documenting the progress.

Clifton Fellows 2016

Heidi Balter: principal – Ducketts Lane Elementary School
Debbie Blum: Coordinator – Gifted and Talented
Anissa Brown Dennis: Administrative Director of Middle Schools
Rachel Edoho-Eket: Assistant Principal-Waverly Elementary School
Kim Flyr: Elementary Resource Counselor
Shiney Ann John: Principal – Thomas Viaduct Middle School
Jessica Jones: Counselor – Phelps Luck Elementary School
Kathy McKinley: Principal – River Hill High School
Gina Massella: Administrative Director of High Schools
Helen Nixon: Chief Human Resource and Development Officer
Scott Ruehl: Director of Leadership Development
Nancy Thompson: Principal – Talbott Springs Elementary School
Karalee Turner-Little: Coordinator, Systemic Initiatives
Kami Wagner: Coordinator, School Counseling and Related Services
Eva Yiu: Research Coordinator